Where Have We Been???

As obvious from the lack of posts over the past week and a half,
Heather and I aren’t around.  We’ve been down in Portland and
Warrenton for the holidays.  One last whirlwind tour of Port
Angeles and Victoria this weekend, and then we’ll be returning to our
normal schedule, more or less.

In the meantime, there are two new sites to check out Hawaii Boisverts and The Whisler Life
I built sites similar to this one for Peggy & Justin and Chloe
& Patrick to use as they see fit.  There were a couple
glitches that were quickly ironed out, and both sites are off to a
running start.  We can’t say the same, but rest assured that more
pictures and posts will follow once our routine has returned to
something resembling normalcy.

1 Response to “Where Have We Been???”

  1. 1 Memere

    Normalcy? What’s that precious?

    What an absolutely delightful family we had visiting these past days. Always too short, but they are in search of the illusive normalcy thing. Hope they find it.


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