An Interesting Perspective

This is from a ColdFusion developer from down in Australia, posted to one of the developer mailing lists I participate in. An interesting perspective, I thought.

A Big Day!!!

Yes, of course it’s Melbourne Cup day in Australia, but possibly even
more important, it’s the day that 200 million lucky people get a
chance to elect the President of the Entire World.

So I would encourage you, if you happen to be one of that lucky few,
to take advantage of the opportunity. As someone who will be greatly
affected by the result, yet as one of the huge majority who do not
actually have a say, I hope you will not let the chance go by.

I don’t mind who you vote for (I do really), just as long as you get
out there and do it.

Enjoy it!
Lee, from Australia — voter turn-out 99+%.

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  1. 1 Angry Wifey

    Hmmmmm, SOMEONE should have voted then huh? :P

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