Merry Has Returned!

I haven’t posted about it, but I’ve talked to several of you over the phone and mentioned that our kitty, Merry, had gone missing for about a week. I thought he was gone for good, and was hoping that someone had just taken him in, and that he was getting food somewhere else, rather than becoming food for all of the coyotes out here!

It was so sad because every time Lindsay and I return home form running errands, Merry would greet us as we got out of the car, and rub on my legs as I unbuckled Lindsay, then we’d sit with him on the front steps for a few minutes and give him some lovin’. Well, this past week, every time we’d get out of the car, poor Lindsay would twist around in my arms, looking down on the ground for Merry. He was no where to be seen, and she was so dissapointed!

Finally, two nights ago, Lindsay and I were playing in the living room and Merry showed up out on the deck! Lindsay was SO excited! She squealed and turbo-crawled over to the sliding glass doors, started banging her hands on them, and Merry playfully batted at her hands through the glass! They were so happy to see each other. I’m convinced he came back for her.

So I think my suspicions were correct, and he’s simply found another place to eat as well as here, so we don’t see him as much. As long as he comes back every once in a while to play with Lindsay, that’s fine, because she absolutely loves him.

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  1. 1 Carrie

    That is so sweet that they missed each other! Awwww! :)

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